$AWOO Token

The official currency of Unbothered Wolves ecosystem. Deflationary: All tokens spent on the mint platform and 2nd collection will be burned.

How to gain $AWOO?
  • By staking your Unbothered Wolves NFTs.
  • You can trade it on Minswap.
What are the utilities of $AWOO?
  • Can be spent on raffles through Mutants Platform.
  • Additional payment for minting our next collection.
  • It will serve as a service fee for the mint platform we're developing.
$AWOO Token Allocation

Staking Rewards:

  • Alphalist = 25 $AWOO/day
  • Wolves = Base reward for each wolf: 5 $AWOO/day | Selected traits have been boosted for their scarcity; you can see the extra rewards applied in the images below this post.

Wolves - Boosted Traits:

This means that, apart from the 5 $AWOO/day that a wolf can accumulate, if it possesses boosted traits, they will add up to the total rewards. (5 $AWOO + rewards for boosted trait/s).

You'll notice that we've given extra rewards for “None“ traits as well, since wolves with a lower trait count are more scarce than ones with a higher count. (4-trait > 5 > 6 > 7)

Check Daily Rewards per Wolf:

One of our community members Sirez developed a chrome extension where you would be able to see the daily $AWOO rewards of each Wolf on jpg.store. Add the extension by clicking Here.
Stake button
Staking image 1Staking image 2
Staking image 3Staking image 4

Staking Multiplier:

You will be earning additional $AWOO daily rewards depending on how many Alphalist or Wolves NFTs you're staking. The more you stake, the more % it goes up.

Staking Boost image

NFT Holding:

Your NFTs will be transferred to a smart contract wallet but you keep custody of your NFTs since only you can unstake them whenever you like. Once you're staked, you'll start accumulating rewards immediately.

You don't have to worry about losing your Discord roles since we're using cnft.tools holder verification. Mutant used cnfttools' API to scan the NFTs that are being staked and keep your roles.

Staking Rewards Emission:

As the amount of rewards decreases over time, so will the rate of emission. There will be 3 halving for the entire staking period or when it reaches a certain amount of remaining $AWOO allocation.

Staking $AWOO Emissions

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